Best SMO Techniques

smo techniques

Best SMO (Social Media Optimization) Techniques

In digital marketing platform, SMO means Social Media Optimization. Now what we understand by social media and its optimization. Today I am going to discuss the best SMO methods. Before we start to explain Best SMO Techniques i want to inform you can Check how Digitalraghu can enhance your online marketing skills.

What is Social media used for?

Here social media means the digital platform for sharing updated information like ideas, news, career-related information, interest and some other forms of information which are social and beneficial for social awareness. And its optimization means we work on a regular basis for its betterment according to its online modification demand.

The latest social media platform which is very much influenced and used by users in this generation are Facebook Twitter You Tube Linkedin WhatsApp Instagram WeChat There are many more social media platforms but here I have only mentioned few which are globally been used by an audience. Here we enjoy information which is shared in these platforms and some of them also help us in many ways.

We chat with friends or mates for our query on social media platform which might be more relevant and convenient than phone calls. Even the chat remains in your chat box so you can fetch it when even it’s needed. We also see daily news on it if we subscribe to the page or group or channel online. So we don’t have to sit in front of the television for it. We can create our portfolio at the online platform by the help of social media. Even entrepreneurs, start-ups & small to big business go for branding through SMO. Hardly you can find some business they are not using social media for promotion of their business but 99% does.

Here let’s take an example of Facebook which is the new evolution in Social media world. In Facebook, you can find all in one Package of information and your promotion stuff tricks and technique. As we better know that we can randomly chat with multiple friends or mates easily at FB. if you are looking for SMO benefits then here is something I can share for you as it is a common but powerful way of improvising your business through Facebook. Here I am going to share some steps on how we exactly do it.

Step 1

Decide the best name for your business branding through a page. Then click on create page option you can see on the left-hand side. After that, you will see option brand or business & Community or Public Figure. If your page is business orient or business branding choose the 1st option. If your page is for posting latest feeds or for community or news related you can go for the 2nd option. After that, you can go for all the information filling which are basically required to make your page look good. Please make sure you don’t forget to optimize your About option with filling all the valuable information asked there. It can create a good impression for the views if they want to know much more about page.

Step 2

As we know these days everyone is making a page and posting their opinion but don’t be in the rat race. Here you can use the best SMO technique through pineapple chart. Now, what is it? Pineapple chart is the process scheduling ads post on the right time to make more engagement by the target audience. If you look in Facebook where you can find a lot of option to engage your audience on your page through your posted ads. Let me explain how we exactly make pineapple chart which is one of the best SMO technique we use for organic type post in social media. According to your targeted state or country, you must know the best time to post your ads. Because if you don’t consider time for posting ads trust me you cannot make your post more reachable.

Let me say how?
As you know within minutes or hours new notification blinks on notification option on FB so imagine the one who target the right time of their audience they can make their ads appear and moreover audience read the ad at their free time but if you post ad at their busy hours it gets collected in notification and barely anyone give the interest to read it. So time scheduling is one of the major points of pineapple technique. Make sure you post the ad targeting the free time of the audience. And how will you know that? Well, its hard to know but we can take some assumption like at morning 8-9 many are free that time or at official lunch break time between 1-3. And I guess the best time which I do is at night 9-11.

Step 3

As it is also part of the pineapple chart I want to discuss this point as well. Don’t post the same type of ads, again and again, it won’t work out every time. Make sure you serve your ads like variety as we do in our diet planning. No one likes to have pizza every day every time. The same logic works here too. You can smartly choose the subject and your post and present in a unique way like there are 7 days in a week. You can post pics, gifs, videos, being live on FB, audience polls, make a post with lists, add a milestone, tag products, add direction and some more. If you do this your audience or fans will follow you. And remember the scheduling time for posting your ads. If you want to see the example check out some big brand pages like coco cola, Amul, some event company pages.

So here I want to explain to you that not only paid can make some good impact even organic does but you should apply the best SMO Strategy to do that. For making more members or more followers at your page try to be a part of some famous page and post there your powerful ad post linking your page. It works I have tried it. For more
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