How to do SEO?

Before talking about how to do SEO, I want to tell you some important point about what is SEO and how it is going to help you first. Have patience and go through each word of it to have a very clear idea about SEO and how to do SEO in advance way. As we all know SEO is part of digital marketing.SEO is divided into two parts On-page SEO & Off-page SEO. Both are equally important for ranking your products and services by working equally at on-page SEO and off page SEO, which will make your business visible on the search engine platform like google, yahoo, bing and some more search engine platform. For All Digital marketer Doing SEO is for only 2 reasons Branding as I do for Digital Raghu where you can find a lot of updated digital marketing stuff for yourself & and the 2nd one is for lead generation. May some of these digital marketing tools help you out for doing better SEO.

While doing On-page SEO first step we need to do is we have to work on keyword research. Without keyword research, you cannot assume the competition of the keyword and it can be hard for you to rank on SERP. There are some paid and free tools for doing keyword research and checking its volume. You can prefer Ahref or semrush as paid tools. In free you can go for keyword everywhere, Moz and Ubersuggest. There are some more free tools for it. Once you make your mind with perfect keyword required for your niche, the real game start from here of steps of doing good seo. Let?s focus on TUD.

What is TUD? Title URL Description. As we all know this basic knowledge but we don?t know how it really works. After Keywords research lets talk about TUD. Here no one knows the updates Google algorithm but as we know that the one who has perfectly used TUD in their blogs or in their websites are also been appreciated by google ranking and google points. Don?t fake your audience with misguiding TUD. Title, URL & Description should be relevant to with the niche which you have selected for yourself. Here T as a title should be strong enough and 100% relevant with the keyword which you research, the steps of keyword research Is mention above. Now once you decide your Title go for its description. D as a Description is the medium which acknowledges the reader about your article what is it about. Now, let’s talk about U as an URL. Eg: Digitalraghu. This type of link is URL, take it seriously u cannot pick a random domain or URL for your self. Every domain or URL has its own importance if it is relevant to the niche and the purpose you have chosen for.
Google always gives points for that page and increase your PA indirectly with good flow or traffic whose TUD is perfectly relevant to each other.

If you want to rank your website in your country only nowhere else like some government sites or some official sites don?t go for .com simply go for .np, .in, .ca according to your country. If you want to rank all over the globe then you can go for .com. Once you are done with these steps you can simply upload your article on your blog or site. After that, you can index your post on google webmaster. Here is one hidden technique which works in on page SEO. When you log in to the webmaster of your website go to the older version at the left side at the bottom and click there. It will take you to the older version of webmaster tools. There you can find option search traffic, then international targeting click there it comes with option language and country if you want to rank in your country only better you choose there target users in and select your country.

How to do seo-TUD

Off-page, SEO is also a major part of SEO optimization. The previous time we use to create backlinks and its ways were:
? Directory submission
? Social bookmarking
? Profile Link building
? Blog commenting
But these days it is not much effective due to more spamming these steps have become rare in use and way of doing SEO has become smarter. Let’s check the updated ways of doing off-page following these steps:
Guest posting on high DA, PA sites.
Check the broken link of websites by chrome extension tools they are checking my links, broken link checker. And there are some paid tools too for it like Aherf, Semrush. If you find some broken links replace the articles with similar niche article integrating your web URL with do follow the link.
There is also procedure of purchasing do follow backlinks links but that is not commonly used by digital marketers. Sometimes it is done by the company to increase the traffic by paid backlinks similar to their niche.
Approach the bloggers by email marketing with your updated contents integrating your do follow links of the same topic which they may have posted a long time back. That may help you so far. These are some important steps I follow for my self which writing any articles for any domain or niche. May my article of ?how to do SEO? help you.