Social Media Marketing & Its Benefits

Social media marketing is among the 4 pillars of Digital Marketing. It is the paid way of doing marketing on a social media platform. It is a different way of doing marketing then SMO. In SMO (Social Media Optimization) we optimize page or group to nurture the audience for brand awareness with the latest features or products visibility. But here in Social Media Marketing, we follow some different strategy to target the right audience. Here we have a lot of privileges to explore our business online. Before I go ahead and explain how we do let’s talk about how people are increasing their online business through social media marketing.

We all are active on social media these days either it could be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or some others. And the majority of the public makes more than one social media account for business or user engagement. In the last 4 years, India has used social media more the 60% for their online business awareness or for ROI. It is massive changes occur in the Indian market. As the digitalization is at the peak in India, a small survey assumed that 90% of the dealers who know using the internet has revealed that their business got more profit and made more client through social media effort. They also expressed about the enhancement of traffic on their company websites. And if we talk about Nepal market they have also done magnificent growth in business through social media strategy.

Social Media Marketing & its Benefits

90% of youth or adult age between 16 – 29 use social media Comparing to other ages. So we more business and influencers target the age of 16-29 for better ROI. If we talk about any business or startups they will always have their YouTube channel and business page to explore their presence and excellence of business.

So here know that what the craze of social media marketing. let’s talk about its strategy. In social media, we can nurture our audience through both ways organic or by paid. Inorganic, we have some limitations but in the paid way of social media marketing we can target audience through Gender, their interest, age, behaviour, city, country and some more ways. It depends upon what platform you are choosing in social media. In western countries, most people prefer twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. Here in India & Nepal more audience are influenced by Facebook, snapchat, YouTube. It always depends upon the user behaviours.

In Facebook paid campaign page looks very much like this :

Social Media Marketing & its Benefits

Improve the audience Insights & Explore Better Customer service for Social Media Marketing

Few decades before when there was no social media platform company or business. It was a hard time for the company to deal with their visions and clarity of what they really do and how they do. Now that situation is totally solved by social media marketing with gifs, posts, images, videos, live sharing videos. Evan, it has been a more fast and worthy way to interact with an audience then websites. It is true that you cannot imagine running your business with social media marketing which is best at this time in 2019. Here are some social media marketing platforms which are rocking in 2019:

  1.  Facebook
  2.  Twitter
  3.  LinkedIn
  4.  Pinterest
  5.  Google+
  6.  YouTube

If you go for any one of these make your strategy to lead in Social media with these steps

  • Always set the goal according to your niche
  • Start nurturing audience with facts for brand awareness
  • Apply Research, Implement & diagnose formula.
  • Make Loyal Fan base online
  • Try to interact with the audience through follow up or reply to understand them
  • Understand Gender factors while running a paid campaign because male doesn’t buy nail polish and female don’t buy shaving cream mostly.

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