Top 10 Digital Marketing Tool for 2019

You can be the best technical Guru of digital marketing if you will have better knowledge of the digital marketing tool.

These days a lot of peoples are getting influence to be a digital marketer, which is awesome but they don’t know from where to start. Many people spend a lot of money on purchasing SEO tools thinking that can help them. But only some are beneficial remaining becomes a hassle after some time.

As you are looking for the top 10 digital marketing tool of 2019. Let me go ahead and explain you step by step about the best digital marketing tool which can make your work easy and switch you to God’s mode. In Digital marketing we always have some new updates of any software, plugins or search engine algorithm. So this year we got some powerful tools, and by its help, we can be a professional digital marketer if our concept is clear of how and why we use it for helping our client and grow our agency.

Many digital marketers know the basic steps and even they know how to rank in google theoretically but they are still looking ahead for tools or medium which can help them to hit their fingers on there keyboard to convert their ideality into practicality. I am sharing my case study of digital marketing in form of a recent blog.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tool for 2019

Here are some best digital marketing tool used in 2019 fluently for betterment.

Best Digital Marketing Tools 2019

Date Analytics Tools

1. Google Analytic:

Google Analytic is one of the most popular digital marketing tool to analyse data of any website. More than 90% of experts use these tools. As it developed by Google, digital marketers and data analytic expert is more influence with these tools. The best part of google analytic is it’s free. The best part of this tool is to show you real information about your website performance like

  • Bounce rate
  • Real-time audience
  • Crawled audience
  • Behaviors of crawlers
  • Loading speed of your site.
  • Check Traffic on your website
  • Social Links traffic

And a lot more, don’t you think its like god’s mode for analysing your website overall behaviours. Personally, I also consider it one of the best digital marketing tool for all time. So I have listed it at number one.

2. StatCounter:

StatCounter is another powerful tool which analysis real-time data and even it shows records like google analytics. But as it is paid software it is mainly used by the company. It works the same as google analytic does. The best part of StatCounter is that it also shows the IP Address of the audience from where you are getting traffic. Isn’t it incredible? I guess yes it is. That is the reason it is listed among the top 10 digital marketing tool of all time. Some more additional stats are also implemented for depth of data analysing. It is also one of the famous tools but it is used by professional and company as I have mentioned already.

3. SumoMe:

SumoMe is a WordPress Plugin which acts as tools to track the website visitors. Let us know this way, it is a tool that ask your website crawlers or visitors audience for their email address with good CTA look and feel. And shows offers which you want to let them know through that. It is basically Popups which you can manually display at any side of your website. In many forms like popups that slide, popup that wave. It can be beneficial for lead generation.

Plagiarism Checker

4. Edubirdie:

Edubirdie is one of the famous digital marketing tool for plagiarism. It is also listed in the top 10 digital marketing tool. The reason is we all know that content is king and suppose if someone is writing content or article for any blog or website. After completing the article everyone likes to check for duplicity before uploading that particular article online. And if there is no such tool for it how embarrassing you will feel. Evan, you will heritage to upload it and wish to have some tools to check the duplicity. So it is also one of the important tools in digital marketing or for any platform.

5. SmallSeoTools:

SmallSeoTools is also Plagiarism checker tool. It works the same as the Edubirdie does but its all up to the user which one they would like to go for. There is some more option mention in this tool such as it also works as a word counter. It can count words for you that how many words article you have written. Here you can also get the option to upload your files of .docx & .txt to check its Plagiarism.

Email Marketing Tools

6. GMass

GMass is considered as the best digital marketing tool that helps in email marketing although we can send mail with many servers like AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook. GMass is a tool which we can add in chrome extension. Let us know how to works.

Sometimes we have to send more emails if we are working as email marketer or during office hours. So gmass which allows easily schedule emails and send out mass mail with the help of merging with Gmail reduces the workload. It is one of the widely used for sending mail. Email marketers love this tool so far.

Landing Page Tools 

7. ClickFunnels:

ClickFunnels is basically a landing page maker. As it pre-made templates you can get the readymade colour combination and good CTA but you can customize it according to you. Here in Clickfunnels it’s easy to integrate payment options like PayPal, stripe and some more. so here I consider it as one of the best digital marketing tool to use it for making a landing page.

8. Lead Pages:

Lead pages help you to make a responsive and mobile friendly landing page. Here you don’t have to worry about bootstrap CSS for making your templet responsive with coding. And it is having some more attractive features collecting emails of visitors, it also offers lead magnets.

Best Digital Marketing Tools for 2019

Backlinks Checkers

9. Ahrefs:

If we talk about Backlinks checkers we always remember the most advanced and powerful tool name Ahrefs which lies in the list of top 10 Digital Marketing tool and it is paid.

Let me explain how?

If you want to use Ahrefs you have to know first know about Ahrefs SEO Matrics which is not so complicated but if you are digital marketer you should know how to use it. It actually shows you how many backlinks have been created on your website. And even you can know the links property like

  • Domain Rating
  • URL Rating
  • Organic Traffic
  • Backlinks on sites and some more…

You can use this tool to check competitor status. So you can work on your site too comparing it. Not only that this tool helps you through different expect to manage your website.

10. Semrush

Semrush is software invented in 2008 by Oleg Shchegolev & Dmitry Melnikov. This software is paid but it is highly used in the company for managing the website and for more uses as Arefs does. It is used to audits the backlinks, check the backlinks with a lot more functionality.

The list I mentioned above is the top 10 digital marketing tool for 2019 and among them many with me for a long time all because of their Excellency. As being Pro digital marketer you can go through these tools.