How Web Hosting is going to help in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of promoting the products or services to your potential customers through the internet thus growing your business and brand awareness. Also, the market is filled with myriads of channels competing against each other to garner attention in their product and services.
Today, as Google is paying more attention to your site’s UX and hosting and it has a direct and powerful impact on SEO rankings through the various metrics such as page load speed, mobile responsiveness, site performance, higheruptime that search engines use to track user engagement to your site. If your website lacks fast loading speed, higher uptime and good performance then it might surely penalize you in one way or other. In fact, Search engines aren’t just helping people find what they exactly want; they’re also garnering data that helps them understand user behavior how they engage and interact with your site.

Cheap Web Hosting in Nepal

Feeling overwhelmed by the infinite options for opting best web hosting provider in Nepal to host your website? You’re not alone.
You can find out the best and cheap web hosting company in case if you consider some key points which we will discuss later in this article.
Many of cheap web hosting and even free domain registration provider (though it’s not the free one) as synonymous with the best web hosting company, but is that really the case? In this post, we cover:

  • Key points to consider before opting any best hosting provider
  • How free domain registration provider differs from the best hosting provider
  • Why unlimited hosting available at cheap rate is a useless point to consider
  • How you can know if your web host sucks?
  • Where you can get best and cheap web hosting and why?
  • How web hosting is going to help in digital marking?

Factors to consider when opting best hosting provider

Do you know what factors you need to look for before choosing the best and cheap web hosting company for your personal blog or business website? Below, we’ll look into some of the key points that we cannot overlook:

  • Performance: Site Loading speed is crucial for online business success. A quick website means more visitors, more customers, more sales and more profit. If your site’s results are slow, your online business could suffer. However, it’s not just your visitors are hungry for quick load times but Google also loves the fast website. So, how fast will your site load?
  • Reliability: You never want your website to go down even for a single moment? Will your site be available 24/7 without facing downtime issue? Does it operate on a powerful server with good hardware and stable network connections? Moreover, RAID protected storage, Daily backups and bandwidths amount are key in choosing a reliable and best hosting company.
  • Customer Support: Everyone wants great customer experience. Can you count on your preferred host’s customer support? So, before opting any host as your service provider look into their reputation for customer service.
  • Features: Do your web host offer value-added features and tools you will need to build your website online?
  • Pricing: How much it would cost you for hosting your site? Are they really affordable and are there any deals that might help you some big money?

How free domain registration provider differs from the best web hosting in Nepal?

Believe it or not, most people get trapped with the unavoidable upsells and boldfaced scams of getting free domain registration with the purchase of hosting solutions. Also, they promise you will get the free domain name you always wanted. However, no domain names are free even if you get it might be the conditions will be that you need to purchase their annual premium or business web hosting packages. Are they really worth it? Do you get the best hosting solution that way?

Why unlimited hosting available at cheap rate may not be your best bet?

Web hosts with past several years’ experience are wonderful companies that have been successful in building their brand to success over time. Here success means getting appeared higher in search engine rankings. However, we sometimes get blindsided by their successes so much that we neglect to consider whether or not they could best meet our business needs or not.

Is it possible to get unlimited hosting at a cheap rate?

No, never. Think of it this way, how can unlimited hosting be possible when everything else in our world is built with limited resources. Even if you’re getting unlimited hosting, it means you’re capable of uploading as many web files on the server as you want and it also means your web hosts are actually offering the freedom to host your web files as you can. The truth is, it is outright lies and gimmicks to catch your attention.

How you can know if your web host sucks?

There are a multitude of hosting companies in Nepal offering web hosting solutions to host blogging sites and large eCommerce Websites. However, while all these hosting companies are really great and effective for building an online presence, a bad hosting provider can easily rub off almost all the good in them. In addition to that, there are a few big facts to take note when choosing a bad web host:

  • It can have negative effects on the search engine rankings
  • It can waste your time, money, hard work and other resources too.
  • Last but not least, it gives you a lot of error on Google Search Console affecting your online authority in the long run.

So, how do you know the web host you’re using is a bad web host? Or even worst, are you struggling to maintain server uptime on a positive side?
Today, as there are myriads of web host that are underperforming. Searching for the term “Nepal’s best web hosting company” on Google will give you approximately 33,900,000 search results.

The truth is, there are too many web hosting companies that offer super cheap hosting solutions promising you’ll be provided with unlimited hosting even with free domain registration services but comes with subpar performance. Frequent downtimes, inaccessible websites and above all, poor performance are just a few to name. Always remember the best web host is identified when you’re facing the difficult times and with their response to your pain point.
Which is the best and cheap web host to buy hosting solutions in Nepal and Why?
Right now, I can totally relate with you that you’re at the crossroad. We all make mistakes and a mistake should teach us something as the pain is real. If you’re feeling your current host are making you lose your business, then it’s worth to make some wise decision today and go for it.
If you are looking for a cheap web hosting to host your startup website and you don’t have big pockets to fund your money online that don’t mean you’re fish out of the water. AGM Web Hosting is a great option to start with as you can get hosting solutions at only NPR.479/year and also you are going to get much better shared hosting performance, reliability and user experience with their top-notch support.
If you are looking for powering your startup personal blog or business site to large eCommerce websites with high traffic, AGM Web Hosting is an excellent choice. The performance, security, reliability, pricing and support levels provided by AGM Web Hosting is best to none that I have tested so far.
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