Startup Marketing in Nepal

startup marketing in Nepal

Startup Marketing is new Trend in Nepal.

These days in Nepal lots of entrepreneur are looking ahead to establish sucessful startups with their innovative ideas and experiences. But at the same time they are bit worried due to market risk. As we know in Nepal its not that easy to run business or startups specially with new innovative ideas. The main issue they may face during startup will be “how to educate customers or audiences about the startups?”. 

See its not that hard to make people know about your startups if you know the best way to do marketing for startups in smart way. Startup marketing is done through different sources at different platform. But here the question is how can we do proper analysis for it?

The best way to do startup marketing is to make your products or services listed at online platform and run campaign of survey that will give you good ideas about its demand and audiences perceptions. Which will definitely encourage startups owners to make a proper plans according to the feedback they get from online survey campaign. 

I know you may be thinking how to make survey campaign for startup marketing? 

We team Digital Raghu can help you for this strategy which can lead you good amount of branding of your startups and convert into sales or leads. 


What are the main points we need to know before starting any startup?

  •  Your startup must have affortable pricing
  • Is there demand of the startup that you are going to launch?
  • Do you have 1 year backup money because some startup takes time to get well known?
  • Have you done proper research on your competitors, their weakness and strength?
  • What is the best season or month you launch for your startup?
  • Do you get the startups resources easily when you need it?

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