7 Free digital marketing tools for beginners


7 Free digital marketing tools for beginners

A Digital marketer is always incomplete without digital marketing tools. If you are a beginner and have a lot of curiosity towards digital marketing you must take digital marketing tools seriously to make your work easy and become a pro. So today we are going to discuss free Digital marketing tools for beginners which everyone uses at the start of their career. And make habit of it to maintain their professionalism and do fine work by saving time and 0% error. Digital marketing has become itself a challenging profession these days all due to its high demand in the market comparing to traditional marketing strategy. So the let us talk about some important free tools widely used of Digital marketers these days.
7 Free digital marketing tools for beginners are
Analytics Tool: Google Analytics
The reason it mentions Google Analytics on the 1st position is this tool will let you know about many important and necessary information in Digital marketing. Here information is the real-time traffic, sources, location, your page views and some important stuff by the audience. It also keeps the records of all information related to your online property of past months. So here you imagine what could have happened if this tool was not know by you..

Simply you will never set the goal of what should be done next of looking the result of what is going on. Isn’t it? So if you are planning to do best in digital marketing you must know about Google analytics first to properly optimize your online property. And property can be your website, blogs, mobile App, CMS.
Evaluate Tool: Google Webmaster
Google webmaster is also known as google console. On May 20 2015, Google renamed google webmaster as google console. Personally, I consider google console as one of the important digital marketing tools for beginners and for everyone. Let me take the example of a website. What if I say you that your website is no more worthy no matter how much money you have invested to make it. Until and unless you have not indexed your website on Google webmaster or you have no knowledge of google webmaster tool. I know you are surprised.

That is the reason I mention google webmaster in the second position among 7 digital marketing free tools for beginners or start-ups. Google webmaster tool help you to index your website on google. Which is important to exist on the Google SERP. It will help you for indexing and also helps to decrease the spam score. Which can be done by proper knowledge of google webmaster. It also helps you to remove the unnecessary pages, images or posts which gets indexed unknowingly. If you have some errors regarding any issues it will rectify and mail it to you. Ex: if your website is not responsive for mobile users it will let you know through google webmaster.
Plagiarism Checker: Small SEO Tools
It is used for various purpose like for plagiarism checking, word counting while writing an article, spelling checking and some more. Digital marketer uses more tools like small SEO tool but it is one of the simple and good results giving at its best. If you are doing digital marketing you must be careful of copy content. Duplicity content can rank you down so for analysing it we use Small SEO tool and check the originality of content. Because in SEO part content is King. For Trainees having knowledge of digital marketing tools will give a clear idea to do best.
WordPress Plugin: All In One SEO
All in one SEO is a WordPress plugin mainly used for many reasons like it helps to fix the canonical URLs issues. It helps you to make a home title and home description of required counted words. It gives the option to filter the required information during sitemap process. All in one SEO tool, can allow or disallow the directory path of page and post of your Website. when we make website simply we don’t index everything on a search engine. Isn’t it? So here it makes your work easy and perfect through its features.
Design: Canva
Canva is like software you can say or tool for a digital marketer to design banner or images with the perfect colour combination. I mention it as one of the important tools among 7 free digital marketing tools for learner because no website is complete without images or banners. When we make a website we always need a graphic designer for the look and feel of a website. So here Canva makes it simple for you if you don’t have a graphic designer at the moment. The audience always likes online properties with good images and banners. And canva is doing best in it.
Spelling Checker: Grammarly
Well it sounds more similar like grammar. Yes, it is made to make you easy while you are writing an article of any niche or any domain. Grammar has always been the base of the article. And the article is always an important part in digital marketing. Grammarly is the best tool for checking the written article for the mistake done while writing. Simply it will help you to write best and it is a free tool for use. Most of the digital marketers use these tools while writing an article. So add this tool as a bookmark in your browser so you can remember it.
Authority Checker: MOZ
Well it is a free digital marketing tool for a beginner as well as Pro digital marketers. The reason is it shows the DA (Domain Authority) & PA (Page Authority) along with spam score on the website. High DA, PA website are always considered a good and trustworthy website. The report that display is upon the MOZ analysis. There are some more tools which are importing in digital marketing but here I have only mentioned 7 digital marketing tools for beginners or start-ups which can help during work. In the next blog I may explain some more interesting free tools used by digital marketers.

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